Summer Skin Repair

What we reach for to recover from sunburn, ashy skin and other summer bummers

Olivia mists on Pure Rosewater—the most skin-quenching après-sun soother.

Is it just us, or has it felt especially amazing to spend some time outdoors during this highly unusual quaran-summer? While it’s tempting to overdose on sunshine during these weird times, we know we don’t have to tell you to wear a full-spectrum SPF of 30 or more, as recommended by American Academy of Dermatology—not just to reduce your chance of sunburn, but to cut your risk of visible aging and developing skin cancer.

But it’s almost inevitable that, if you’re a not fully reformed sun-worshipper, at some point your skin is going to take a bit of a licking. To tackle a few of the most common après-sun issues, we turned to Lizzy Bilasano on our in-house artistry team and our Director of Digital Education Content.

Sunburn occurs when the sun’s UVB rays penetrate the skin and cause DNA damage. Your body’s response is to clap back with redness, discomfort, heat, and itchiness.

Spritzing with Pure Rosewater, made of the rare extract of the entire Rose de Mai, is intensely refreshing. The cooling formula contains 100% of this rare rose, so a few pumps pack powerful skin-soothing properties. Then cleanse with a gentle formula like Flower Infused Cleansing Milk—”it’s got Mallow and Blue Cornflower to help soothe,” Lizzy explains, and rinse it off with water or with Pure Rosewater for extra cooling and an aromatherapy treat. A layer of Blue Light Protection Hyaluronic Serum isn’t just effective against artificial light; it also refreshes, hydrates and calms irritation.

When the skin of the face feels tight and hot or even wind-chapped, smoothing on Jasmine and Lily Healing Mask—which has a rosewater base—can feel heavenly. It also doubles as a rich night cream, helping to revive skin that’s been overexposed to the elements while you sleep. And for red patches that need extra TLC, our CBD Face and Body Cream is our most nourishing formula. It’s made from broad-spectrum hemp oil, meaning it’s rich in various cannabinoids plus antioxidants, fatty acids and vitamins, and added Cannabis Sativa Stem Cell Extract reduces visible redness.

Brown splotches or sunspots—aka solar lentigines—are more common as we age, but they usually appear on areas that have been exposed to the sun like the face, hands, or shoulders. Although it’s good practice to have them checked by your derm, they can often be reduced cosmetically.

Cleanse with Rice and Geranium Foaming Cleanser to gently exfoliate before applying Blanc Gardenia Brightening Essence. “My favorite ingredient is the Chinese Cabbage Root, a unique ingredient that helps evenly disperse dark spots to give a more even and toned appearance to the skin,” Lizzy says. Moisturize in the daytime with Rose de Mai Face Cream. “Not only does it have Sweet Pea Stem Cell Extract to help neutralize accumulated photodamage, but its gel-like texture is perfectly lightweight for the summertime months,” she says. At night, try Retinol Intense+, which contains a double dose of the Vitamin-A derivative to gently increase the rate of skin-cell turnover, and is boosted with botanicals like Green Decaffeinated Coffee and Magnolia Bark Extract to brighten the look of uneven skin tones. “Just remember to be diligent with your SPF when using a retinol!” Lizzy warns. Pair either moisturizer with Rose de Mai Face Oil for an added boost of nourishment and a brighter looking complexion.

For dark spots on the backs of hands, which also get a ton of sun, Retinol Hand Cream, with Chilean Tree Bark extract, can help hands look brighter and smoother.

Even though summer days tend to be high in humidity, the sun can dry skin, leading to scales or ashiness.

On the face, Lizzy recommends exfoliating well using Hibiscus Smoothing Mask, which gently retexturizes with extracts of papaya and fresh grapefruit as well as flower acids, or Bamboo and Hibiscus Exfoliating Cream, which also contains Hibiscus Flower Acids plus extremely fine Bamboo Powder to naturally slough dead skin cells. Follow up with Vital Essence, aka our “911 serum,” as Lizzy calls it, for its powerful botanical hydration boosters such as Bilberry Extract and Aloe Vera. Finish with a dollop of Flower Harmonizing Cream to cocoon and protect the skin.

For the body, rub in skin-smoothing Retinol Body Treatment, then lock in moisture with Rose de Mai Body Oil, which uses the same potent elixir of extracts from this rare French rose—plus a medley of other rose extracts—to soften and soothe. Bébé Camellia and Lavender Balm, which deeply moisturizes with Tamanu and Camellia Oils, “is great to carry in your bag to tackle dry/ashy patches that need extra nourishment,” Lizzy says.

Sun exposure is a leading cause of free radical production, which can cause deterioration of the collagen and elastin fibers within the skin—leading to visible aging signs like wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging.

A few drops of Bio Lifting Serum+, our powerhouse anti-ager, offers next-level smoothing with a cocktail of powerful botanicals (“Gotta love the antioxidant Raspberry Stem Cell Extract which is an amazing anti-oxidant that immediately soothes the skin. Lizzy says). A pump or two of Bio Lifting Oil Free Fluid+ helps to visibly restore density and skin elasticity and is lightweight, oil-free and mattifying against summer humidity. To protect against future damage, layer on Ultra Sun Protection SPF 45, which is light enough for everyday use and infused with antioxidant botanicals. Then top it off with Anti-Pollution Finishing Essence, which draws on Desert Cactus Yeast Extract and White Tea Extract to reduce free-radical damage while visibly moisturizing and smoothing—”always a great last step in your skincare routine,” Lizzy says.

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