Wild Meadows

Wild Meadows

Behind the cause

Within the Carpathian Mountain range of Romania—the heart of Transylvania—time stands still. The region contains some of the largest-old growth forests on the European continent, which surround Medieval Saxon villages, mosaic-like farms traversed by horse-drawn carts, and vibrant hay meadows.

These wild meadows, which ripple with wildflowers, butterflies, and 200-plus bird species, are among the most biodiverse in Europe. They are an ark for some of the last of their species that inhabit these mountains, including the spotted eagle and the lynx.

However, intense agricultural land-grabbing has posed a threat to this complex ecosystem. Pressure from agribusinesses looking to buy and clear-cut the land for monocropping puts this biodiverse land at risk.

Recognizing this, the Villa Abbatis Cultural Association, based in Transylvania’s Hârtibaciu Highlands, has launched a 5-year project to restore 50 hectares (125 acres) of wildflower meadows to protect biodiversity, and to preserve rare varieties of apples and pears from ancient orchards while developing economic opportunity for the local communities that steward them.

Returning to the roots of our first philanthropy collection nearly 20 years ago—Les Papillons—Chantecaille is proud to support the Villa Abbatis Cultural Association’s work preserving the wild spaces and cultural landscapes of Romania with sales of our Wild Meadows Eye Quartet.