CBD 101

We clear up your curiosity about this soothing skincare ingredient, the star of our CBD 300 Face and Body Cream.

What is CBD, anyway?
Shorthand for cannabidiol, CBD is a chemical compound extracted from the cannabis sativa plant that has been found to have a calming effect on the body. Unlike its stepsister, THC, the most well known active component in marijuana, CBD is not psychoactive—that is, it won’t make you high.

Is there a difference between hemp and marijuana?
Hemp is a species of cannabis sativa, as is marijuana. Both contain CBD, but hemp only contains only trace amounts of THC.

Where does our CBD come from?
Our CBD is part of the hemp oil we use. Our hemp oil is “broad spectrum,” meaning it’s known to be rich in many powerful cannabinoids in addition to CBD that creates what scientists call an “entourage effect,” boosting CBD’s properties, as well as in antioxidants, fatty acids, and vitamins.

What are the beauty benefits of CBD?
Laboratory studies that look at CBD’s effects on skin cells in isolation have shown that the ingredient has antioxidant effects on skin cells. While this ingredient research is still emerging, cosmetic scientists do know of many other types of botanical ingredients that have proven calming effects. We added three of them to our CBD-300 Face and Body Cream. They include:

    From the same plant family as hemp, this THC-free extract contains high levels of cannaflavin-B, a powerful antioxidant that reduces visible redness and boosts skin’s moisture.
    Grown from the purple nightshade, this helps to cocoon hypersensitive skin, improving signs of stress and visible redness and strengthening the skin’s moisture barrier.
    From a South American superfruit, it immediately improves the appearance of stressed skin, reducing visible redness.

Where did your CBD come from?
Our CBD is sourced from hemp grown organically in Kentucky and processed in Colorado. We formulate and craft our CBD-300 cream itself in Florida.

And it doesn’t contain THC?
To not be considered a drug, the THC level in a CBD product has to be below 0.3%. In our case of our hemp oil, the THC level is so minuscule as to be completely undetectable.

How did you decide on 300 mg per jar?
While there is no standard amount of CBD in topical creams, we looked around at what is out there and decided we wanted something stronger. Our formula breaks down to 6 mg of soothing goodness per dollop—more than any luxury cream on the market.

How is CBD best incorporated into a regular skincare regimen?
Think of it as an addition to what you already do. In the mornings, layer it on top of your moisturizer wherever you have redness, dryness, or sensitivity. At night, blend it with your moisturizer or an overnight mask (of course, we’re partial to our Bio Lifting Mask, Gold Recovery Mask or Jasmine Lily Healing Mask).

You can also use it as a spot treatment on body points that might need some extra calming or stress relief: after a run as a massage cream, as a balm for “tech neck,” or hand or wrist overload from texting and typing. Or to calm skin post-shaving or after a waxing or threading treatment!

"Use it as a spot treatment on body points that might need some extra calming or stress relief."

Is it okay to use CBD on sensitive skin?
Cannabis sativa stem cell extract and eggplant extract are proven from in vivo studies to be soothing and to reduce visible redness. That said, everyone’s skin is different and we suggest you try it on a smaller patch of skin before applying more widely.

How about acne-prone skin?
Our cream hasn’t been tested directly on skin with acne, but CBD itself has been found in lab tests to have an effect on the activity of sebaceous glands (sebocytes), helping in the regulation of sebum levels. That said, acne is caused by many factors—it's best to consult with your derm about an approach that works best for you.

How often can you reapply CBD cream?
Like all of our ingredient-packed skincare, we recommend using it once or twice a day. But some skins may be more or less tolerant, so it’s best to try it out and see what works for you!



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