The Scent

Aromatic fresh topnotes of Thyme, Rosemary and natural Bergamot introduce a heart of mystical incense, spellbinding ciste absolute, and signature Indonesian Patchouli. Grown in the shade of Mount Kinabalu on the Indonesian island of Borneo (also called Kalimantan), this Patchouli has an elusive, wine-like floral sweet topnote that evolves into a rich, woody, balsamic and earthy signature. Intensely warm and sensuous, Kalimantan sustains the rich woody Patchouli impression with base notes of Vanilla, Styrax, Agarwood, Cedar, and creamy Sandalwood.

The essence begins with the sensual warmth of spell-binding Ciste Absolute, mystical Incense, and Indonesian Patchouli (native to Borneo). This rich base is then lifted by the sharp and earthy top notes of Thyme, Rosemary, and natural Bergamot.

The scent is anchored by the darker essence of Agarwood, an extremely rare, luxurious scent that complements the lighter, warmer tones given off by Sandalwood, Cedar, Styrax, and the suppleness of Vanilla.