Being Brett

Edie Parker designer Brett Heyman’s collection of retro-inspired clutches is only the tip of the iceberg—this creative mama has a lot more up her sleeve.

In non-pandemic times, Edie Parker acrylic clutches are the go-to chic clutch for stylish women the world over—they are red carpet staples, or were, at least, when there were red carpets to walk! L.A.-based Heyman’s fun-loving aesthetic and laid-back attitude are her calling cards, as evidenced by Flower, the tongue-in-cheek cannabis/CBD line that is the little sister to Edie Parker. But her life’s not all about getting dressed up and passing a (super chic) bong. Giving back is a huge part of Flower—the 501c3 non-profit Edie Parker Foundation was created to support communities of color, who are typically unfairly targeted with drug enforcement laws. In short, she’s one of the women we’d most like to hang with when socializing can commence again. Until then, we’ll have to settle for a quick game of rapid-fire questions with the mom and creative mastermind.

My go-to desk snack is anything within an arm's reach of my laptop.

My first design was inspired by vintage acrylic clutches from the 1950s.

The hardest part about designing my first collection was finding a factory who was both capable and willing to work with us in the USA.

When I’m feeling uninspired I used to go to a museum and wander around. Lately I've been looking through an assortment of coffee table books—wondering when I will get to see things in person again.

My Saturday morning beverage of choice is the same as every other morning. Double espresso over ice. It's truly the perfect combination of refreshing + wake-up!

I break a sweat by going on a walk or doing an exercise video like it's 1987.

My date night bag is a pastel Edie Parker Lara clutch with colorful ice ends. You’ll always find black eyeliner, lip balm and some variation of a breath enhancer inside it.

For a nightcap/when imbibing, I make/want the perfect drink with vodka or tequila over ice with a splash of lime. I don't like overly complicated things- especially beverages.

I love CBD because I love the whole plant. It has been used medicinally for thousands of years. It creates jobs, creates tax revenues, can be anti-anxiety, a pain-killer, a sleep-aid, no one has ever died from it, it reduces opioid prescriptions in legal states, heightens senses and makes everything better.

At my office, you can find my sons and daughter looking for snacks in the cabinets and playing with the water cooler.

The key to raising kids in the city is knowing the right time to take a break and leave the city for the country.

The ultimate, timeless “IT” bag is a tie between an LL Bean initial tote and a Fendi baguette—basically anything that looks good with a pair of heels or flats.

If I only wore one outfit forever: A vintage pair of Levis 501s, a Jungmaven white t-shirt, navy cashmere crewneck and some kind of loafer. My go-to uniform.

"I’d describe my beauty approach as maximum effort with minimal results."

What Chantecaille items are always on your vanity? I adore the Bio Lifting Serum+ and Ultra Sun Protection sunscreen. And the CBD 300 Face and Body Cream!

I would like to raid Manuela Pavesi and Natasha Goldenberg’s wardrobe. Would I have to return anything?

Pair a little black dress with a cute pair of flats and an Edie Parker oval bag.

The luckiest thing that happened to me when starting Edie Parker was Kate Hudson, who was 8 months pregnant, wore an Edie Parker bag to the MET Gala right as we were launching.

I’d describe my beauty approach as maximum effort with minimal results.

My go-to lip color for a big meeting would be something subtle. I prefer to work the eyes.

My kids are always playing with dental floss at my vanity. They think it tastes 'like gum'.

I sleep best when I have help. CBD + Melatonin pills. The combination is truly a revelation.

How have you been getting through this pandemic? Where have you been and what’s been helping you deal?
I've been in rural Connecticut since March. We are healthy and have a backyard, so generally I feel very lucky.

How have the conversations about diversity and inclusivity that most brands are having played out within your company?
Since inception, we have supported social service organizations that primarily focus on women and children. When we launched Flower more than a year ago, we became even more aware of how disproportionately communities of color are impacted by racist enforcement of cannabis laws. To help, we launched the Edie Parker Foundation, which was granted 501c3 status this spring. Over the past year, we have partnered with the Women's Prison Association to help women and children whose lives have been torn apart due to low level drug offenses. We have also supported the Bail Project and the Last Prisoner Project. During the Covid-19 crisis, through weekly sample sales, we raised thousands of dollars for various organizations including No Kid Hungry, City Meals on Wheels, Feeding America and Good Plus.

How are you looking ahead to the rest of the year—are you making and changes or shifts based on the upheaval of the last few months?
We are just trying to keep the lights on and our small team employed, while still crafting extremely high quality, highly collectible items that make people happy.

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